Ursula Gee

Ursula Gee

Ursula Gee

Paediatric Occupational Therapist

NZ Registration (NZROT) 2004
Member of the Australian Neuromuscular Network


Ursula has 13 years paediatric experience. She has worked in child rehabilitation and management from 2005 – current. This work has been within clinic, home and school environments.

Ursula has experience working with children and young people—traumatic and acquired brain injuries, cerebral palsy, neurological and orthopaedic conditions and developmental delay.

Ursula is highly committed to helping and supporting children and their families while working in a culturally sensitive manner.

Specific Training

  • PRPP (Perceive, Recall, Plan & Perform) Information Processing Assessment—Occupational Performance Model (Australia)
  • Understanding Normal Movement for Paediatric Therapists
  • WeeFIM accrediation
  • Enable Level 2 Wheelchair and Seating and Postural Management accreditation
  • Identification, classification and assessment of dyskinesia in children with cerebral palsy, for Paediatric Therapists