Who would benefit from our services?

Children aged 0 to 16 years with:

Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
Developmental Coordination Disorders
Delays in Development
Difficulties with Information Processing
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Neurological Conditions (Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury)
Other Specific Syndromes
Specific Learning Disabilities
Sensory Processing Difficulties
Social & Emotional Difficulties

Our practice is based on the Australian and Canadian Occupational Performance Model

We use occupation based and task analysis assessment, for example, the COPM and PRPP.
Our assessments are based on the family and child's goals.
We assist with differential diagnosis, and work closely with paediatricians, physiotherapists, psychologists, and speech and language therapists.

We assess:

Interruptions to development from birth, including sensory, motor and cognitive function.
Organisational and functional skills.
Play skills.
Sensory processing.
Motor skills.
Information processing.
Visual perceptual skills.
Daily living and self care skills.
Learning and school participation.


Assessments are carried out in a number of different settings. eg home, school, preschool or clinic based.

We draw on a number of evidence-based theories and practices to develop and frame our interventions, including:

Multidisciplinary assessments

Occupational Therapist, Paediatrician, Speech and Language Therapist, Physiotherapist

Occupational therapy assessments

Assessments are based on the Australian and Canadian Occupational Performance Model looking at a child holistically and the child's ability to do everyday tasks at school, home and play. They may include the following assessments:

Physiotherapy assessments

Orthotic clinic—SSD Ltd

The orthotist and a physiotherapist or occupational therapist perform neurophysiological and musculoskeletal assessments, prescription and fitting of neurophysiological devices and orthoses.

Therapy Interventions

Coaching and establishing goals

We listen and support the goals you want your child to achieve.
We listen to your child's hopes and dreams.
We give parents the skills and knowledge to "do therapy" everyday.
We enable you to overcome the everyday barriers for your child.

Task Analysis & Strategies

Our assessments and task analysis enable us to build bridges, remove barriers and provide strategies for you and your child to reach their goals.
When working with babies and children we use fun, engaging activities to help them succeed in meeting the daily occupations of childhood: self care, school and play.
Following assessment, strategies are put in place to enable children to master tasks that are difficult for them.
Strategies are specific to your child's behaviours which are identified through PRPP assessment.
Instructional methods are used to address behaviours; incorporating cues, prompts, strategies and preferences.

Family, fun, friends, fitness, future

Specific Programmes

Evidence based theory and practice eg Neurodevelopment, Information processing, Occupational Performance, Sensory processing and Sensory Integration will be used.
Individualised, specific, practical and achievable programmes are developed.
Programmes may include visual and behavioural strategies, handwriting skills, access to assistive technologies, independence in self-care and school readiness.

Adaptive Equipment

Equipment may be used to enable your child to participate in everyday tasks, for example: adapted cutlery, seating, curriculum adaptation, pencil grips, specific toys to facilitate play etc.


We liase with other professions, teachers and carers to ensure your child's strengths and needs are understood by all.
We link parents and families with community organisations. For example, appropriate leisure and extra curricular activities.