Jack (6 years) has been working with Lucy for the last 4 months. We are loving it. The fun, informal and safe learning style that Lucy applies has Jack smiling every time he visits. His development has been fantastic. His school has also commented that Lucy is great to work with. It feels really positive and we are excited about each visit and the future. Thank you for your generosity and support Lucy.

Lucy has been wonderful for both Archie and me, as his Mum. Lucy Immediately established rapport with Archie making the work fun and interesting for him. We have seen measurable improvement at home and at school. His teachers are delighted. Lucy has also supported me as his Mum to understand how I can assist and how to liaise with his school to best have his needs met. I can not recommend enough.

Taking Ollie to see Lucy has made a massive difference in Oliver’s confidence and abilities. Oliver looked forward to seeing Lucy each week and his writing has significantly improved since seeing her. Lucy Also provided us with ways we could better help and support Oliver and ensured we understood what she was teaching him so we could do the same. Thank you Lucy for all your have done. We really appreciate it and we are amazed with the progress Ollie has made.


Lucy was both warm and professional when working with my children. She made it clear to both me and them that she saw them as more than just the problem she was helping them solve. As she stretched their capabilities, she always celebrated their successes with them—they both loved coming to see her.

Sarah McMurray, mother of Hayley and Nathan