Cris Barker

Cris Barker

Cris Barker

Paediatric Physiotherapist

New Zealand Registered Physiotherapist (2006 – current)
Member of Physiotherapy NZ
New Zealand Bobath Association Member


Christiana graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) from Auckland University of Technology in 2005. She has specialised in Paediatric Physiotherapy for the past 12 years, working for the National Child Rehabilitation Service (Auckland), primarily in the areas of paediatric neurology and orthopaedics. Christiana also works part time at the Auckland University of Technology for the Starship Clinical Gait Analysis Service, responsible for 3D gait analysis data collection and interpretation.

Christiana has experience in the assessment and management of children with developmental conditions including cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, developmental delay, toe-walking and other gait disorders. She also specialises in serial casting for the management of paediatric equinus deformities in conditions such as cerebral palsy and idiopathic toe-walking.

Specific training

  • Foot & Ankle study day, Physio NZ Auckland Branch; June 2018
  • Australasian Academy of Cerebral Palsy & Developmental Medicine Conference – Committee Member; Auckland, March 2018
  • Dyskinesia Workshop – Melbourne CRE; Auckland, November 2017
  • Rehabilitating Running in children & adults with neurological conditions; Christchurch, November 2017
  • Normal Movement course, NZ Bobath Association; Auckland, February 2017
  • Developmental Orthopaedics of the Trunk & Lower Extremity, Beverly Cusick; Auckland, October 2016
  • Paediatric Equinus Deformity Management, Beverly Cusick; Auckland, October 2016
  • Melbourne Clinical Gait Analysis course; Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, August 2015
  • Toe Walking Management course, Lisa Persaud; Wellington, March 2015
  • Physio NZ Conference, presented on paediatric serial casting; Auckland, September 2014
  • Functional Electrical Stimulation workshop, AACPDM; Sydney, March 2014
  • Australasian Academy of Cerebral Palsy & Developmental Medicine Conference; Sydney, March 2014
  • Cerebral Palsy Movement Disorders workshop, Dr Iona Novak & Cathy Morgan; Auckland, May 2013
  • Supervisor Training course; Auckland, May 2013
  • Australasian Ponseti Conference; Auckland, March 2012
  • Bobath Paediatric Foundation Course; 2011/2012, Auckland
  • Australasian Academy of Cerebral Palsy & Developmental Medicine Conference; Christchurch, March 2010
  • Clinical Gait Assessment course, Neuro Rehab Education Group; Auckland, 2008
  • Working with Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Families – Disability Awareness; Auckland, January 2019
  • Māori Cultural Perspectives Course; Auckland, June 2013
  • Culturally & Linguistically Diverse – Cross Cultural Training; Auckland, 2010